A simple contemplative mind, a modest observer with a smiling acceptance and a student in terms of attitude, is how I want myself to be.

I see in myself, an unrelenting motivation to theorize everything in such a way, that a oneness and unity is reflected from everything; such that everything falls into a line of logic in its own category or sub-category of being.

Thinking titillates me, that is what I would call is my hobby! As a growing adolescent, physics challenged/captured my imagination and thinking to the max. and I hence ended up doing Physics. I don’t see myself being a very good physicist though I think I’m getting better.

By self-analysis, I don’t claim to be a person, very pure on the litmus of actions… but I constantly endeavor to be clear to myself about what I even think about the people and things around me.

If you look for ‘adham swabhav‘ in me; stay assured, you won’t find nothing. Though the vocal-intelligence may not discover it easily, but all the silent listeners manage to get it poured out by me myself; again, not without different brands of garnishing which I put for my own face saving.

I can be most easily contacted on Presently this blog is my only active personal web presence. You can also call me on (001) 757-952-6126.

I’m presently working towards my thesis in the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility(Jlab) , hence stationed in Newport New, Virginia. I’m enrolled in Mississippi State University as a Ph.D student in Department of Physics and Astronomy enrolled since Aug 2007.

My professional profile can be found at linkedIn via the following link:


9 comments on “Myself

  1. Atma Prakash says:

    Hello Sir,
    Good work sir.
    We will be contributing to this as well. Together we can, together we will..

  2. chhaya says:

    jgd bhaiya
    this is d ultimate work done by u..
    i really liked. lemme know if i can make any contribution 2 it by any way……

  3. Priyanka jha says:

    Hi Bhaiya,

    Went thru all your pages…you simply rock.

    Its pleasure to be wid u


  4. LarryLove says:

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya 🙂

  5. Akashdeep says:

    I would love to have soft copy (Reminiscences of the Nehru Age) written by his personal secretary (M.O.Mathai).

  6. Archana says:

    JGD Amrendra,

    Came across ur blog while i was surfing and its too good esp religious killing. pls let me know if i can be of any use in this effort of your.

    Wish you Love and Light

  7. Maya Joshi says:

    good work bhaiya


  8. Abha Gupta says:

    Wow! Is this your blog Amrendra! I am impressed. Loved the blog entries. They are very engaging. So, why ‘abhinav bharat’? I saw this link at the bottom of your email and it was so gripping that I couldn’t let go of the readings!

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