How to …

In this section, I talk about how to do things which we stumble on at times, things which I’ve found after doing some search

How to ban a user from a community where you have moderator privileges :

substitude CommunityID and UserID from the following URL, with actual numbers representing the community and user.



Some Relevant Computer Shortcuts: (“Windows” key is in between the “Alt” and “Ctrl” key on the keyboard)

Windows+D : takes to the desktop and vice versa (most useful)
Windows+Pause/Break : takes to system properties
Windows+R: run dialog box appears
Windows+L: locks the comp


How to make your ssh password free ?

(to be completed)


How to change the settings of my wireless router ?

A> for my computer typing takes me to my wireless setting page, where I can edit the router setting, including the option of changing network password.

If you do not know the IP address of your router, follow the following steps:
1. click Start on your window’s screen
2. look for the command prompt by typing “cmd” in the search bar
3. in the command prompt, type “ipconfig”
4. look for your gateway address in the result. (It should come as “Gateway Address”)
5. enter in your internet browser this gateway address followed by “http://”

this should take you to the intended desitination.


How to find the IMEI number of your cell phone (you need this to unlock your phone etc)

press *#06# on your dial pad and press ok/send >> this will display the IMEI number.


How to do column operations in emacs


1. bring the cursor to the left top corner of the rectangular box you want to remove and press Ctrl + Space

2. using the keyboard (page down, or arrows) take the cursor to the right end of the rectangular region that you want to cut/delete and press Ctrl + rd  {rd stands for rectangle delete}


1. select the rectangular region in the same way with Ctrl + Space at the top left of the rectanglular region of (dis)interest and then move to end of the bottome right end of the rectangular region and press Ctrl + rk {rectangle kill}

2. move the cursor to the place where you want this region to be pasted back, and press Ctrl + ry {rectangle yank}


1. Take the cursor to the top left of the rectangular region of interest and press Ctrl + Space

2. go to the bottom right of the rectangular region of interest and press Ctrl + x+ rt

3. The bottom of the emacs window will prompt for ‘String Rectangle’, whatever text you put in here(and press enter), will be put in each line of the rectangle at the place . You can even add (empty) spaces at this place

You are done !


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  1. chhaya says:

    actually ididn’t get that…
    can u explain what is this exactly,

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