to Bharat from USA

As I stepped into the Delta airlines flight, set to fly from Newark to New Delhi, I was positively awed to see a sea of Indian faces, so many turban covered heads; so many mothers draped in Sari; so many people in a rush to get their seat, rubbing against each other without much hesitation. I felt a rush of blood, announcing silently “I am here, I am here too”. With my right hand dragging the trolly, my left hand, slowly moved towards the heart as if to greet the people as I continued walking inward.

I always felt that “India is calling”, though I weren’t clear on anything after that. I had booked my flight to Bharat even before I received a job confirmation.

Be it family, friends, or acquaintances; be it in concerned conversations or casual courtesy conversations, people continue to ask, “Why return to India when you had the choice of a more comfortable life in USA ?” When asked about this, I find myself in the Indian situation of that girl who loves a boy and is trying to convince her family members for her marriage with that boy. Her father, in trying to propose a different boy asks with concern, “why do you want to marry that particular boy only?”. She says, “Papa, he has a good job, lavish salary; his family members are very accommodating; his friends are so welcoming; has a large government house … what else should he have”. The father returns the argument saying “But why not Sharma ji‘s son? He has a higher social status and is better on most of these parameters you mentioned”. The girl is muted. She then comes up with another set of qualities, a new set of adjectives … and the ‘argument’ continues. All that the girl says about her lover may be factually correct, but none of it is the reason for her wish to marry him. Its just a feeling that pulls her entire being. Most of the reasons that I give to justify my decision are also such straws of information, while the reason to return was just due to a strong feeling.

No logic can bridge two people talking from different planes of experiences. Logic is linear and can only connect people who are in the same plane of experiences. When trying to be totally honest, I find myself saying “because India is India, so I had to return”; but this hardly is meaningful. I also wonder if it is patriotism or nationalism. I wonder because I probably don’t feel proud about being an Indian. I don’t find my emotions rising when I hear someone say “India is a great nation”. I just feel normal about it. If I took birth in Ethiopia, my feelings and actions would have been analogous. I just feel that this is the country I was born in, these are the people who have nurtured me, these are the resources I was fed from, these people have payed for the road on which I walked to my school, these are the people with whom I walked the path of knowledge or illusion. I feel that this is the field I am given to plow by mother nature and this is my karmbhumi. I don’t need to claim that I will plow it because it is fertile. I will plow it simply because I feel that this is my first responsibility.

My stay in America was like a gift in many ways. I was touched by so many and got the opportunity to touch many lives. I hold it all very dearly. It was in the very special surrounding and circumstances created by my fellow friends and colleagues in USA that I could grow deep enough, that now I do not need an external motivation to continue the pursuit of knowledge. I find myself bewildered, how one after another circumstances and people conspired to make me fall in love with so many individuals. I have no way of returning that favor but I wish to assure my friends that I will share that unconditional affection with people here.

Coming back to Bharat from USA becomes easy for me because I do not have much ambition associated with my life. When I think about what I want to do and where I want to be 10 years from now, I only find myself certain about one thing that I want to use my life in sewa. This is just a feeling, a state of mind and has no logical origin or justification. Sometimes, some drops of romanticism also grazes through the thoughts but there is no face attached to that feeling so I don’t know how it will evolve.

With Gratitude from Bharat


Parliament’s breach of privilege! : Team Anna

While thinking of politicians, I get reminded of a kavi sammelan where I heard the poet say :I am Anna
“जब हम बचे थे, तीनो भाई बोल कर लड़ते थे,
माँ मेरी है, माँ मेरी है, माँ मेरी है ,
अब माँ बूढ़ी हो गयी और हम बड़े हो गए,
हम तीनो भाई बिना बोले लड़ते हैं ,
माँ तेरी है, माँ तेरी है, माँ तेरी है”

Its common that on being cheated a friend says to the other “yaar, tu to politician ho gaya“. Even school children in their drama and skids put a politician in the role of a cunning person who lacks morality.

Technically the Parliament may be equipped to punish people who mock parliamentarians, but who all would it punish, the school children, the poets or every other citizen who takes no exception in stating that the only time when we hear sanity from our parliamentarians is before elections.

Mr. Sita Ram Kesari in an open letter written to the then Prime minister Mr. Deve Gowda called him Nikamma and there was a entire debate in the parliament with the prime minister holding this letter in his hand and responding to the letter point-by-point. The debate can be found at the parliament’s official website at this link. There was no breach of privilege notice to him ! How can the parliament be partial to the citizens it represents ? If Mr. Sita Ram Kesari did not violate anything by calling our Prime minister Nikamma, then what wrong was done by members of Team Anna ?

To the TV show anchors discussing this event from the comfort of their studio, the acting by Kiran ji or the words used by Arvind ji may appear unpolite, but one needs to put oneself in the perspective to understand the actions.

The nation witnessed Anna’s fast entering its … 9th day, 10th day, 11th day… Do you already feel something ? Aren’t your red blood cells becoming more red ?
Isn’t there a few molecules of  H­­2O starting to populate a corner somewhere ?
A parliament which cannot feel this does not represent me.

On the view of anything edible, the eyes were attempting to drown itself, in its self created H­­2O.
On hearing ‘Anna’, the body hair attempted to rise, grab and shake the people sitting in the parliament.
One needs to have some metal to be in the sun in Ramlila ground, and stand through all this. Team Anna bravely stood through this. I dismiss the comments of TV news anchors who fail to reflect this sentiment of the nation.

During this witnessing, if a few of the words said sounded un-polite, our parliamentarians should not make an issue out of it. I would have expected even from a simple high-school educated person to see the words in perspective and show more maturity than this.

Kiran Bedi later admitted that “it is not my grain” to have acted like that. Om Puri said that he got emotional which made him use those words. What else do they expect ? The more this issue is pulled, more dirt will fly from under the carpet of our Parliament and it is in the best interest of the later to give up on the issue and take the occasion to gauge people’s temper. As Mr. Arun Jaitely said in the parliament, this was a wake-up call not just for the Government but thhear me or I will get loudere entire parliament as a whole to get sensitive to the call of the people. If our parliament loses this opportunity of self inspection and instead indulges in throwing stones on the eye-openers, history will hold the current day parliamentarians responsible to demeaning Parliament and the honor of parliamentary democracy. The parliament needs to hear the words which are already saying that “hear us, or we will speak louder”

Who will Answer – Part 2

“… being able to build the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is Real Secularism” says Advani
“I will cut the hands of anybody who rises against Hindus” says Varun Gandhi, suddenly becoming a poster boy of his party.

Do they really represent India and its youth ?
Do they really represent the philosophical currency of Hinduism ?

I’m reminded of the fact that when Muslims first came to India (through Sea Route) in Kerela(long before the invasions from north), they were called by the word ‘Aliyan‘ which stands for son-in-law in the local language(Malayalam).

Anybody, who has ever walked on the road of a suburban town in India – – who has heard the bells in temple and the call of Namaz going at the same time – – who has witnessed the sale of Diwali and Id Gifts at the same shop – – who has ever thrown a colored water-balloon on a Muslim Uncle during the colorful realm of Holi
… will know, that this country has never lived in Insecurity.

Who will tell the leaders of the nation that we reject this brand of Religiosity, where people are being fed with Insecurity?

Do we know, that the scriptures written in the name of Allah or Ram both reiterates the insignificance of the latitude and longitude from where you send out prayers…  Constructing a ‘Grand Temple Building’ will only be a prize to those who believe that mistakes are corrected by mistakes …. Demolishing the few left-overs of the Babri-Masjid will only demolish the hope of a few that ‘its not just numbers that matter’

If Baabar broke a Temple to make a Mosque at one time, history deplored it.
What good shall be done if a Mosque is again broken to make a temple ?

Are we going to teach our children the values of Revenge and Retaliation ?

Something in me gets wet, unable to understand, WHY our Politicians are not talking of working on the problem of Population Outburst ?
Why our politicians are not talking of ways to increase public entrepreneurship ?

Who will answer……… !
You have been evading this question since last 62 years, passing the burden to newer generations.
Whether you vote with Insecurity of Religion, or with Greed of Reservation, or for the man of your caste;
Its only you who will answer it every morning while going to office, hardly standing in a crowded train, while waiving the wooden fan in summer, while looking at the school fee of your child, while hearing the disappointment of your son unable to get a job, while cleaning the bruises of your son & daughter when they come back home beaten up, because someone thought that they were enjoying Valentine’s day.
……….. Its ONLY you who has to answer, recursively.

…. until you realize that Evils in Society exist not because of the activity of the bad men, but because of the Inactivity of the good ones ?

Who will answer !!

When we talk of strict action against terrorists, why did we keep the hanging of Afzal Guru under the carpet. It has been 5 damn years feeding him in Jail, with no reply from the Government ?

Why was Dr. Abdul Kalam unceremoniously shown the door choosing Dr. Pratibha Patil as the next president.

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru always opposed the concept of reservation as the primary means of growth of any backward community. (Ref: an extract from Newspaper). The next in that bloodline Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister when Mandal Commission submitted its reports, She never allowed its implementation seeing clearly that it would bring about caste based division in the society. When V.P.Singh gave a new lease to Mandal Commission report to save his falling government, the then leader of opposition and the next man in the Royal bloodline Rajiv Gandhi gave a 1.35 hr speech condemning it, as a completely “biased report taking only 802 villages in the whole country as the sample for all statistical results” derived in the report.  Somebody should answer me as to what has changed in India changing the opinion of 50 years and 3 generations !

Has India become more Backward, or the earlier generations of our Prime Ministers were not honest towards eradication of Backwardness ?  When shall we grow up from the Divide and Rule policy.

Why after once accepting the recommendations of the ‘Amarnath Shrine Board’ forwarded by the Governor, did we have to retract on that decision. Why did we have to stand with folded hands when separatists in Kashmir were burning Indian flags triggered by the Amarnath Issue.

Why has the top clergy of Congress started naming Rahul Gandhi as the yuvraj. Why does a party still ends up seeking votes by showing the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi after a virtual 50 years of one party-one family rule .

I beg your attention towards the explanations given by Ms. Sonia Gandhi on the following, Watch for the pattern!

Sikhs getting slaughered in thousands = “A MISTAKE”.
Hindus getting killed in Kashmir = “Political problem”.

Protestors getting shot in WB under Left Govt = “Misunderstanding”.
Kargil Attack = “Government failure”.

Chinese invasion in 1962 = “Unfortunate betrayal”.
Reservations in Education on caste lines = “Serious Effort” against “backwardness”.
Reservations in Minority institutions = “Communal”.
Fake encounters under BJP in Gujarat [Sohrabuddin] = “BJP brand of Communalism”.
Fake encounters under Cong-NCP in Maharashtra [Khwaja Younus] = “Police atrocity”.
BJP Govt. freeing 3 terrorists to save 174 Indian hostages = “Shameful”
Congress freeing 4 militants to save the daughter of the then Home minister in Kashmir [Rubina Sayed] = “Natural Political dilemma”.
Attack on Parliament = BJP ineptitude.
Not hanging Afzal Guru the mastermind despite Supreme Court orders = Humanity and Political dilemma.
Congress questioning Ram’s existence in the application filed to Supreme Court = “Clerical Error”..

Why are Indians such a tolerant species, who forget all of their mistakes when men in khaadi talk about prosperity and giving one more oppurtunity, pretending innocense

Abhimanyu Betrayed

Netaji’s Death and its revolving truth that the Congress Government has never talked/revealed. This text is a copy-paste from

On August 18, 1945, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was on his way to Tokyo to negotiate laying down of arms by the I.N.A to the Americans on honurable terms. His choices were then limited. Giving in to the British was out of question. As a friend of Japan, he could face only unending hostility in either Russia or China. America offered a much better choice. It had replaced the British as the World’s leading superpower. More importantly, Netaji headed Government of Free India, which had been felicitated on its formation by the President of Ireland. The strong Irish lobby in America could therefore be counted on ensuring an honourable treatment to the INA.

The Americans, for whom Netaji was a prized catch, offered a safe passage to the Japanese bomber carrying him as it undertook an eight hour flight in a No Flight Zone from Tourane to Formosa. The prospect of Netaji in America was nothing short of an unmitigated disaster to the British. Formosa was the last place where they could hope to harm him. As the flight landed at Taihoku (Formosa) at about 13.00 hrs on August 18, they were ready to strike. At 14.00, the plane being refueled was rocked by an explosion.

Habibur Rehman (Agent B 1269) who accompanied Netaji and his boss in INA (Agent B 1189) must be held to be responsible for the explosion. What rankles is the unfortunate fact that a road named after the British Agent B 1189 stands in the heart of Mumbai.

Furious Americans hit back by removing an injured Netaji to Taihoku Camp No 5 and within few hours made arrangements to keep up the charade of Netaji’s death in the blast. An injured Japanese Gunner of the ill fated bomber, who could speak English was admitted to hospital and passed off as Netaji. The Hospital was a mere ten minutes away from the airport but “Netaji (?)” was admitted only at 17.00 hours – a full three hours after the blast. Shadowy agents of death took over. The Gunner, who was practically normal for four hours after admission passed way at 23.00 hours. The two pilots of the bomber, were treated in the hospital – discharged as fit on September 5, 1945 and died three weeks later of the wounds they had recovered from!!!. Habibur Rehman was taken in custody by the Americans, tutored to give the version of the blast that his British Masters would have liked to believe. By September 1945, the Secretary of State for India in London was happy to note “by all accounts, this (death of Netaji) must be true”.

The Americans had there own agenda to fulfill. Soon stories of Netaji being alive in USSR started circulating. It was not long before MI5 of the British Secret Services discovered the truth. Netaji had not died in the air crash as they had been led to believe. He had survived their murderous attack.

By May 1946, despite the efforts of the Cabinet Mission, the British hold over India hung by a thread. Preparations to evacuate the British civilians from India were underway. Should Netaji were to return to India, all was lost for the British.

In desperation, MI5 now approached the American Consulate in Mumbai for help in May 1946, through Lt. Col Hennessy Chief of British Military Intelligence, Bombay.. According to Hennessey “ the hold which Bose had over Indian imagination was tremendous and that if he should return to this country trouble would result which in his judgment would be extremely difficult to quell”.

The request was forwarded to the Secretary of State, Washington DC by Airgram A-175 of May 23, 1946. On June 20, 1946, the Chief of Division of Foreign Activity Correlation, Department of State, was cryptically informed that “ A search of the files in the Intelligence Division reveals that there is no direct evidence that SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE was killed in the airplane crash at Taihoko, Formosa despite the public statement of the Japanese to that effect.” He was also informed that “nor is there any evidence available to Intelligence Division which would indicate that the subject is still alive.”

It is clear that Netaji who was alive upto May – was killed in June 1946 to protect the British Imperial Interests, which at this time coincided with those of the Americans. Do we need to say who committed this murder most foul ??.

What followed is even more shocking. On September 9 1946, the US Intelligence intercepted a message that Forward Block was going to recommend Netaji to be the President of Indian National Congress on September 23, 1946. The information, considered so sensitive was meant only for those Military and Civilian Officials specifically authorized to receive the same; was communicated to the British. The information came to be filed in Case No 810002. Curiously, immediately thereafter, Nehru announced the death of Netaji in a great hurry. A red faced Sardar Patel was – on October 3, 1946 forced to admit that the Government had not conducted any inquiry into the alleged death of Netaji and had no view on the subject. So what was the source of Nehru’s statement that Netaji had died?

There may be some of us who will no doubt say that the account given above is merely the product of my overactive imagination. They may want to obtain the one file in Record Group 319, Department of Army, Investigative Records Depository, Personal File on Subhas Chandra Bose that the National Archives and Records Administration, 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, Maryland 20740-60001 Unites States of America were kind enough to send me. Enough material exists in this file to lend credence to the account of the last days of Netaji as described above. Yes! There is no conclusive evidence that would corroborate my account. Nonetheless, Mr. Steven L.Hamilton, who was kind enough to send the file to me, was most helpful in stating that “of note for your further research efforts, the first few pages of this file contains a listing of other documents in the US Federal records relating to Subhas Chandra Bose”.

These other documents are:

1. Memo dated 16th September 1945 on Subhas Chandra Bose from A3 to the Japanese Government.

2. Memo dated 20th September 1945 from AG to Japanese Government on Habibulllah Rahaman Aide de camp

3. Memo dated 22nd September 1945 to CCIO on Chandra Bose

4. Memo dated 3rd October 1945 from A.S.G for Files

5. Memo dated 9th October 1945 from 442 CIC to G-2 “Rptd death of Chandra Bose” copy ltr to ALF dtd 20 Aug 45. Case No 810002.

6. Memo dated 9th October 1945 from CLO Tokyo to the Imperial Japanese Government on Subhas Chandra Bose

7. Memo dated 23rd October 1945 from Liaison Committee Tokyo for the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy to Col F.P. Juneon, G.S.C., G -2 “ Submittal of photographs in regard to Subhas Chandra Bose

8. From SACSEA of 1st November 1945 to CINC on Radio report on 6 persons desired

9. Memo for record dated 5th November 1945 from Chief CI to SACSFA on Radio report on 6 persons desired.

10. Memo dated 15th November 1945 from Chief CI to British Staff Secretary ‘Subhas Chandra Bose with 5 photographs re death of subj in pocket of this file”

Much as I tried, I have not been able to access these documents. Case No 810002 seems to be the key to the solution. It is in this file that the memo of 9th October 1945 as also information of September 9, 1946 about Subhas Bose contesting elections for the post of Congress President was filed.

Will the Government of an Independent Sovereign Republic of India, that is Bharat, ever demand the relevant documents from the Government of USA??

Accident or murder, death or as the folklore goes imprisonment in Russia, what ever was the truth; the fact remains a Voice that was full of unadulterated Patriotism, A Voice that was most inconvenient to the Gandhi Congress was heard no more after 18th August 1945. This was a tragedy of the highest order – of this there can be no doubt.

why not me !

अशफाक, भगत सिंह पैदा हो, पर मेरे घर में नहीं ;

क्रांति की चिंगारी फूटे, पर मेरे आँगन में नहीं.

I see all of us plagued by this. We all want reformation, but are unwilling to bear the burn of it.