Parliament’s breach of privilege! : Team Anna

While thinking of politicians, I get reminded of a kavi sammelan where I heard the poet say :I am Anna
“जब हम बचे थे, तीनो भाई बोल कर लड़ते थे,
माँ मेरी है, माँ मेरी है, माँ मेरी है ,
अब माँ बूढ़ी हो गयी और हम बड़े हो गए,
हम तीनो भाई बिना बोले लड़ते हैं ,
माँ तेरी है, माँ तेरी है, माँ तेरी है”

Its common that on being cheated a friend says to the other “yaar, tu to politician ho gaya“. Even school children in their drama and skids put a politician in the role of a cunning person who lacks morality.

Technically the Parliament may be equipped to punish people who mock parliamentarians, but who all would it punish, the school children, the poets or every other citizen who takes no exception in stating that the only time when we hear sanity from our parliamentarians is before elections.

Mr. Sita Ram Kesari in an open letter written to the then Prime minister Mr. Deve Gowda called him Nikamma and there was a entire debate in the parliament with the prime minister holding this letter in his hand and responding to the letter point-by-point. The debate can be found at the parliament’s official website at this link. There was no breach of privilege notice to him ! How can the parliament be partial to the citizens it represents ? If Mr. Sita Ram Kesari did not violate anything by calling our Prime minister Nikamma, then what wrong was done by members of Team Anna ?

To the TV show anchors discussing this event from the comfort of their studio, the acting by Kiran ji or the words used by Arvind ji may appear unpolite, but one needs to put oneself in the perspective to understand the actions.

The nation witnessed Anna’s fast entering its … 9th day, 10th day, 11th day… Do you already feel something ? Aren’t your red blood cells becoming more red ?
Isn’t there a few molecules of  H­­2O starting to populate a corner somewhere ?
A parliament which cannot feel this does not represent me.

On the view of anything edible, the eyes were attempting to drown itself, in its self created H­­2O.
On hearing ‘Anna’, the body hair attempted to rise, grab and shake the people sitting in the parliament.
One needs to have some metal to be in the sun in Ramlila ground, and stand through all this. Team Anna bravely stood through this. I dismiss the comments of TV news anchors who fail to reflect this sentiment of the nation.

During this witnessing, if a few of the words said sounded un-polite, our parliamentarians should not make an issue out of it. I would have expected even from a simple high-school educated person to see the words in perspective and show more maturity than this.

Kiran Bedi later admitted that “it is not my grain” to have acted like that. Om Puri said that he got emotional which made him use those words. What else do they expect ? The more this issue is pulled, more dirt will fly from under the carpet of our Parliament and it is in the best interest of the later to give up on the issue and take the occasion to gauge people’s temper. As Mr. Arun Jaitely said in the parliament, this was a wake-up call not just for the Government but thhear me or I will get loudere entire parliament as a whole to get sensitive to the call of the people. If our parliament loses this opportunity of self inspection and instead indulges in throwing stones on the eye-openers, history will hold the current day parliamentarians responsible to demeaning Parliament and the honor of parliamentary democracy. The parliament needs to hear the words which are already saying that “hear us, or we will speak louder”


Who will answer !!

When we talk of strict action against terrorists, why did we keep the hanging of Afzal Guru under the carpet. It has been 5 damn years feeding him in Jail, with no reply from the Government ?

Why was Dr. Abdul Kalam unceremoniously shown the door choosing Dr. Pratibha Patil as the next president.

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru always opposed the concept of reservation as the primary means of growth of any backward community. (Ref: an extract from Newspaper). The next in that bloodline Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister when Mandal Commission submitted its reports, She never allowed its implementation seeing clearly that it would bring about caste based division in the society. When V.P.Singh gave a new lease to Mandal Commission report to save his falling government, the then leader of opposition and the next man in the Royal bloodline Rajiv Gandhi gave a 1.35 hr speech condemning it, as a completely “biased report taking only 802 villages in the whole country as the sample for all statistical results” derived in the report.  Somebody should answer me as to what has changed in India changing the opinion of 50 years and 3 generations !

Has India become more Backward, or the earlier generations of our Prime Ministers were not honest towards eradication of Backwardness ?  When shall we grow up from the Divide and Rule policy.

Why after once accepting the recommendations of the ‘Amarnath Shrine Board’ forwarded by the Governor, did we have to retract on that decision. Why did we have to stand with folded hands when separatists in Kashmir were burning Indian flags triggered by the Amarnath Issue.

Why has the top clergy of Congress started naming Rahul Gandhi as the yuvraj. Why does a party still ends up seeking votes by showing the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi after a virtual 50 years of one party-one family rule .

I beg your attention towards the explanations given by Ms. Sonia Gandhi on the following, Watch for the pattern!

Sikhs getting slaughered in thousands = “A MISTAKE”.
Hindus getting killed in Kashmir = “Political problem”.

Protestors getting shot in WB under Left Govt = “Misunderstanding”.
Kargil Attack = “Government failure”.

Chinese invasion in 1962 = “Unfortunate betrayal”.
Reservations in Education on caste lines = “Serious Effort” against “backwardness”.
Reservations in Minority institutions = “Communal”.
Fake encounters under BJP in Gujarat [Sohrabuddin] = “BJP brand of Communalism”.
Fake encounters under Cong-NCP in Maharashtra [Khwaja Younus] = “Police atrocity”.
BJP Govt. freeing 3 terrorists to save 174 Indian hostages = “Shameful”
Congress freeing 4 militants to save the daughter of the then Home minister in Kashmir [Rubina Sayed] = “Natural Political dilemma”.
Attack on Parliament = BJP ineptitude.
Not hanging Afzal Guru the mastermind despite Supreme Court orders = Humanity and Political dilemma.
Congress questioning Ram’s existence in the application filed to Supreme Court = “Clerical Error”..

Why are Indians such a tolerant species, who forget all of their mistakes when men in khaadi talk about prosperity and giving one more oppurtunity, pretending innocense

The Perspective

Yesterday, I was on OWL shift in an experiment and had an American girl in the shift crew. We were casually talking, since the experiment didn’t require much attention on our part of responsibility and at ~ 3 am in the night, we are not in a state of awareness to do anything academically fruitful. After talking for about 8-10 minutes, she shifted from the other questions she was asking about Indian Culture, and said…

“I came to know that in India people don’t have sex before marriage, so then, Is the age of marraige very early ?”

I said NO, she then quickly suplimented the question by

“… what is your age?… are you married? …. I really cannot even remotely understand how does the (social) system work then! ”

I saw a sincere curiosity as she asked all these questions calmly, but in one go.

In trying to understand and answer her question, I realized, how much of a difference can ‘perspective‘ bring to the same question or issue. I put myself in her shoes, trying to imagine a state of mind, which would stem this question in me. I noticed, a part of me begging to look at the obviousness of the question raised, but I still grossly felt as if someone has asked “Why do you say hello when u meet someone” .

Despite the native desires and tendensies being the same, all across the globe, the way we grow adds a ‘tag of obviousness‘ in such a subtle way, that even if we argue and invite criticism in it, the domain in which we even ‘imagine’ may have a zero overlap with another person.

after all the jiggle in my mind, the bottom-line of my answer was “that is how it is !”

… well then, she probably thought that she offended me by her questions, and she changed the topic and started talking about what her other roommate says about her own (eastern) culture.

Mitti ke Aasu

Aao ek baar kahen, aakhiri baar kahein,
kya pata tum na raho, kya pata hum na rahein;
Mandir-o-Masjid ki, ya kisi imarat ki…
maati to lagi isme bhai mere bharat ki,
lahu tha Hindu ka, Alah sharminda raha,
mara Musalmaan to, Ram kab jinda raha,
bikhre-bikhre hain sabhi, aao ek ghar me rahein
kya pata tum na raho, kya pata hum na rahein.


English Translation:
Come, lets talk about it, (may be) the last time;
Who knows weather you will survive or not, who knows weather I’ll survive or not, so lets talk now …
Oh brothers! Be it a Temple or a Mosque or any other building, the soil that is used to make it, is that of India itself.
when a Hindu bleeds, the Allah, is no less pained,
If the love exemplified by Ram had survived, Would a Muslim ever be killed ?
why are we so segregated, why are we so separated, come, lets live together,
who knows, if you will live by tomorrow or not!, who knows, if I will live by tomorrow or not.

This is a famous poem by “Sahir Ludhiyanwi”. I am thankful to Peeyush bhai to introduce it to me.


India and Intolerance

While reading some articles on the Internet, I noticed a few smoothly made conclusions about Intolerance as the order of the day in India.

I choose to differ, here are a few questions and facts we should consider.

  1. Is there a country in world, where, any brand of “M. F. Hussain” could breathe in open air and walk on his own limbs ? … somebody who can paint the very sacred ‘Bharat Mata’ in naked (Ref: Hussain’s official Website). I can recall the protests that got triggered worldwide, when a Danish Newspaper published a cartoon of a revered image in Islam. Can he even live in the US after painting the reverent of the majority in naked?
    … It happens only in India
  2. Islam first came in India through Kerela via sea route (India has her oldest mosque still in kerela). The word that was used for calling out the Muslims, who were ‘foreign’ to this land then, was ‘ALIYAN’ which in the local language (malayalam) means ‘son-in-law’, the son-in-law relation being one of the most valued in Indian families, and this word being used for the ‘incomers’ stands to say something.
  3. Arunachal pradesh had a 1% christian population before Independence, now that is 22%.
    (census 2001, is the latest officially available info). So is the case in many other states.

… lets not conclude anything from this, but it is indeed something worth a thought.

There is indeed a bigger part to the story.

These points cover only those that are needed to unmask the bias that was conspicuous on the internet.

the GOD

There was 1 Buddha, there are 32 sects of Buddhism today; each claiming to be the right form of Buddhism.

The ratio of deaths of Shia Muslims due to shuni/shia rivalry in Pakistan+Iraq is the same as the toll of Muslims who die due to Hindu/Muslim fights in India. (Ref: A leading Pakistani Daily; A popular Asian Site ; A leading Iranian Daily)

The clashes between Protestants/Catholics has been as fierce as that between people of two different religion in the countries which had a comparable population of each and had no other reason to fight!!

How many of us actually understand ourselves in completeness, if we don’t, what is the point in fighting over what/how/where our creator … THE GOD is! How does it matter weather ‘that’ GOD stands with a Cresent, a Trishul or a sword, as long you think that he is holding that to protect you against evil…. stay happy! why do we want others to believe that GOD actually is of “this” kind..! the kind “I” believe in. Still shamelessly calling ourselves secular.

By Heisenberg principle, the moment anything is measured, it does not remain anymore what it was(before measurement), saying it in the terms of expression of a thought, the moment you verbalize, or put anything in a book in the form of ‘How’ or ‘Why’ God is, you have already limited it!, to the audience who hear it, what has been presented is already a limited version of “what it was in its full glory” and hence there will always be a room left for interpretation (positive as well as negative). Then why to fight over those things, when we are all sure of how to live and be happy.

Religion is like our toothbrush, you use yours, let me use mine! Why should you try so aggressively to convince me that your toothbrush is the best. It was a tool of land-expansion used by kings in the past. The “Messengers” asked his men to spread the word of knowledge and love, not ‘the religion’… Particularly if it is causing so much harm to all sides !!

None of the Gods, would be happy (if there is any) to see people being killed. “Oh not in the name of religion please ! ” is how he must be reacting to all this, isn’t it ? In all this fight, the one who grabs the grapes are Either those, who always wanted more people to be of his kind in terms of belief, OR the one who wanted to fulfill his lust and manages to get to rape someone in the shadow of a public outrage.

Before the recent spurt of violent protests against ‘conversions’ in India, a Catholic (Indian) friend was telling me that “the Pentecostals {a very fast growing sect of Christianity} are really playing it bad, they lure people in all ways, and try to convert them from Catholic to Pentecostal ….. they should be banned”

I didn’t take it seriously enough, but I do carry this question now. What do you all say?

why not me !

अशफाक, भगत सिंह पैदा हो, पर मेरे घर में नहीं ;

क्रांति की चिंगारी फूटे, पर मेरे आँगन में नहीं.

I see all of us plagued by this. We all want reformation, but are unwilling to bear the burn of it.