Who is Abhinav Bharat ?

“Abhinav Bharat” is the name of the first revolutionary organisation in India, dates back to ~ 1905. Started by Damodar Veer Savarkar.

I had always wanted to name my initiative by this name. Never did I know what my initiative will be, but now that I started a blog, it had to carry this name. It is not the name of anybody related/concerned with me. In English, the word literally, stand for ‘Abhinav: Fresh & New’ and ‘Bharat: used synonymously for India’


why not me !

अशफाक, भगत सिंह पैदा हो, पर मेरे घर में नहीं ;

क्रांति की चिंगारी फूटे, पर मेरे आँगन में नहीं.

I see all of us plagued by this. We all want reformation, but are unwilling to bear the burn of it.