The thirst of love

Love is all one seeks.

The most pleasing of all things is to quench some one’s thirst of love.

If the above two lines are true then all we would want to transact is in the currency of Love. If all that everyone wants to give and take is Love, then why is there any conflict at all on this planet!

I think the source of conflict is “more” love. In establishing a dynasty, the person is seeking to belong to (“own”) more people. In stealing money, the person is seeking to become more worthy and relevant on this planet, so that eventually he is loved more.

You feel filled up with immense joy, just with the thought that you might possibly be able to “provide” for what is sought by another piece of life. Attention, praise, respect, compassion are all different flavors of this one thing. The way every electromagnetic interaction happens with the exchange of an energy packet named photon; all human interactions happen with the exchange of a packet of consciousness called Love. Ask yourself how many of these love packets do you have; you know it, you have an infinite reserve of this currency.

Start Loving (more)


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