Love, just a reflection

I woke up dreaming, of blessing an abandoned child..
And I heard your voice, coming through
from the other side.
Tears instantly, down my cheeks- just like that;
the sky opened up and began to cry with me-
For us, for loss, for abandon…
For healing, for growth..
For the moments I spent in sobs-
Begging God to help me let you go…
and not meaning a word-
knowing there is no separation..
there never was.
What I felt in your presence all along
was myself
What I feel in your absence is also myself-
and God.
All the Gods, and angels- holding my shoulders
as I sob..
as I cleanse myself- drop by drop-
of the memories that are
essentially me, reflected.
A smile I never want to stop seeing-
a tune in my heart that keeps it beating.
A formless form that has been birthed
between two souls-
how I feel- know,
we are the same-
connected at the core-
and more connected to humanity-
with the heavens above
churning the winds around our love-
against my cheek it whips and
gets sent off to brush your cheek
ever so softly as you sleep-
There is no difference between
you and me-
and no distance or time lost at all-
when you breathe in- my lungs fall and
catch that breath inside my being-
my heart bumping the same tune-
as I sit right in front of you,
the way I will forever see us in my minds eye-
a love like this could never die
Nor could I wish for it to be
anything other than simply
& me.
Author: A friend from across the oceans
Date: Christmas 2015

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