Falling in Love

The English expression of  ‘Falling in Love’ is very appropriate, for you cannot stand in Love, you cannot sit in it, you can only fall into it. You cannot look for convenience and comfort in it. The state, subsequent to the falling is a matter of how fluidly you allow yourself to fall. You better have a good fall, if you don’t want to stand broken.

You would not continue to be the way you always used to be while in Love because the frame of reference for all observations is not you anymore. Still you are at ease, more than ever. Love allows you to leave your mind uncovered, uninhibited hence leaving you in a state native to you being.

Being in Love is such a thing ! … not because of what we ‘get’ while in Love, but because of what we ‘experience’ due to the divine intention while in Love. The intention which is something like surrendering your being to the other. The intention which can keep you in the state of ‘what can I be for you’ ; ‘what can I do for you’ … for reasons not known to the logical world, though it has been tacitly celebrated by the musical world for centuries.

Notice that it is the intention that is most important and not as much of the amount or extent to which you manage to do it. It is said by an enlightened master that our sense organs are like fire and the intentions of our action is what goes into the fire. If you put tire in fire, it burns with a bad smell, while if you put camphor, it creates a positive aroma around it. When the intention is to give yourself to the other, adore and sink into the other the act is called ‘making Love’. Though with the same set of organs involved but when the intention is to snatch away pleasure, its termed otherwise.

How much we have, how much we consume or give-away seems lesser important than the experience of being in love. Our mind is lush green with a sense of fulfillment when we feel at Love.

It seems to me that all beings are driven for Love because of some spark which is omnipresent in all of us. Despite the ignition being due to something at the very core of the existence; since common every-day experiences of fulfillment comes to us in form of physical comfort, or via enjoyments through our sense organs, our intellect tries to thread the pearls of Love into the commonly known experiences of comfort.

We end up hearing …
“I love you so much, how can you forget to call me”
“I tell you everything about me, why didn’t you tell me about yesterdays’ event”
“enough is enough why do you have to keep saying the same thing over”
“I have loved you so much, and here is how you treat me”

One of the ways that used to be suggested by ancient rishi’s to get over these questions in our mind is to drift oneself to a state of ‘sewa’. This is a Sanskrit word which is normally translated as ‘service’ in English. The word is formed by combining two syllables ‘सः’ (that) + ‘एव ‘ (be like). Literally, it would mean ‘being like that’ but in Sanskrit, its a common style of speech to refer to ‘the divine’ in this way. ‘sewa‘ used to carry the meaning ‘being like nature’ or ‘being like divine’.

Being like nature is like not counting how much you did and how many you gave.

If you do not see it being reciprocated, it is okay; for it was ‘my’ own wanting to give, which the ‘I’ was pursuing.

P.S: The above is just the flow of thoughts in the pitcher of my words. It does not stand commensurate with the idea of a complete article. I probably do not have the wisdom to be able to bring completeness to an article on Love.


One comment on “Falling in Love

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing. It’s so good to hear from you again.

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