First hand experience: Anna in Ramlila

The following was sent to me by a dear friend who is stationed in Delhi and happened to join the protest by Anna Hazare against corruption. A few parts of it are written in hinglish, and hence may not be understood if you don’t know Hindi.
Today I went to ramleela maidan. It was an awesome experience.
Initially, when I left home, I was a bit doubtful about the kind of crowd I would get there and lil worried if I would land up in any trouble.But then, socha ki jub ye kam karna hai to karna hai. 2-3 doston ko call lagaya but nobody was ready to accompany me. Phir akela nikal pada. And when I entered the venue, i realised that I made an excellent decision 🙂
Venue k entrance mein lambi line. Still the crowd followed the queue and behaved in a very disciplined manner (amazing na.. especially for delhi 😛 ). There were no lousy comments, no misbehaviour and no rush. It was very well orgainsed.
Inside, in the venue, I found people of all ages. School children, small kids with their parents, college students, newly married couples  (ofcourse, you can make out with the heap of bangles they wear 🙂 ) and senior citizens. The crowd was from all sections of society and there wer equal participation from men and women. Ofcourse I could not see daily wage earners. And yes, also goons kind of people were not there (never know if any wolf is there in sheep’s skin). In short the venue was safe for families and especially for women. I heard from a volunteer that there were people from intelligence and crime prevention team who are within the primises in civil clothes.
There was mat spread on the ground to sit and  there was a shade overhead to safeguard from rain/sun. Crowd was cheering on every pro Anna comments and booing on every anti Cong/Politicains/Govt. Volunteers were distributing biscuits and water. Sight was full of tri-colour flag and air was full of “Vande Mataram” and “Inqulab Zindabad” The energy level was quite high and was constantly boosted by the speeches of the few gentlemen over there. Today the Delhi Medical Association also joined the campaign. The atomsphere got charged up ..infact electrifying …when Kiran Bedi, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Shanti Bhushan took the stage and addressed the press (press meet organised everyday at 6pm). Finished by almost 6:45 pm. At 7:30 pm when I left the place, hundreds of people were still getting into the venue. It is certainly a mass movement.
The reason I wrote all these is because, there might be people like me, who wanted to go but are in a bit of haste… just considering how every political rally is. But honestly, this is totally different. And one must visit it, even for half an hour. Surely they will not leave the venue before 2 hrs. At the end they will be glad that they visited the place. Most importantly, now.. more than ever.. it is the count that matters. And now it is our responsibility to get this bill passed and implemented. Also, the team which took the pain of drafting this bill, should know that their effort would not go waste.
Ask all yours friends in Delhi to join this movement and atleast be there tomorrow and on monday (both the days are holiday in delhi). What I wrote, is a first hand experience.

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