The center of world (via Abhinav Bharat)

The center of world I was around 13-14 years old. I used to get mesmerized by the sound of flowing river. A small river named Garga used to be my favorite spot. Once while wandering near the river I decided to sit on a stone. While sitting like a person who has forgotten what he was looking for just a while ago. I was aimlessly looking on all sides of where I was and then …I suddenly felt special. …  Exalted I noticed …  "oh !  look, this place, right here is … Read More

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Indian only in color (via Abhinav Bharat)

r u also a victim ?

Indian only in color This poem is composed by Prof. H.C.Verma, He is a Proffessor of Physics at IIT Kanpur. He is also the General Secretary of Shiksha Sopan the NGO working for the upliftment of underprivileged students around IITk. I am uploading it here with his permission. … Read More

via Abhinav Bharat