I often think about the ratio of possible to not-possible for any situation. Let me take you on a ride with me.

Consider your  friend standing at a little distance from you. What is the ratio of the possibilities of him reaching you if he starts walking ? Lets consider only straight line paths. He can obviously take innumerable directions from his point of standing which will not let him reach you even though he goes all across the round globe, but the number of straight line paths that will lead him to you is finitely small.
How many places in this Universe do we have light, do we have life. What combination of the air and water on earth can sustain life ?

The answer to all of this is that its a very very small cross-section where you get a life, where you get ‘yes’ compared to the infinite bulk which is just ‘null’. Do not fall for the appeal of No. Notice that the possibilities of the ‘yes’ is often infinitely smaller than a ‘no’. … but still you are alive and breathing !

… then why not to explore the very small possibility of a ‘yes’ that you see near the horizon. I once heard a song, I often sing it “तू जिन्दा है तो जिंदगी की जीत पर यकीन कर; अगर कहीं है स्वर्ग तो उतार ला ज़मीन पर”
{If you are alive, then believe in the possibility of triumph in life … to the extent that, if there were a heaven somewhere, you can even bring that to the earth}

Before saying a “No” , ask your heart if you really want to say ‘No’ to it.

and Before saying ‘Yes’, ask your head if you are really ready for it.

If your mind is giving you reasons as to why this is not ‘practically possible’, then ensure that you have done every inch of what you can do, before saying ‘No’. A lot of battles are lost only to realize that, had they persisted for a little longer, they might have got it.


2 comments on “Optimism

  1. manisha says:

    I agree to each one of your words. ……accha hai .

  2. One more blogger says:

    evn the word impossible itself says I m possible!
    have faith n keep gong.

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