The center of world

I was around 13-14 years old. I used to get mesmerized by the sound of flowing river. A small river named Garga used to be my favorite spot.

Once while wandering near the river I decided to sit on a stone. While sitting like a person who has forgotten what he was looking for just a while ago. I was aimlessly looking on all sides of where I was and then …I suddenly felt special.

…  Exalted I noticed …  “oh !  look, this place, right here is the center of the world”. excited as a teenager, I stood up, turned my eyes around and found that, to whatever distance I could see, it was all such, as if, I were standing just at the center of the world. I was looking at a large circle with horizon at the circumference on all sides barring some trees and land elevations in few directions.

My logical mind wasn’t accepting …. “am I so fortunate, to have discovered the ‘true’ center of world ?”
…. “or may be, this is just the center of Bokaro ” (my home town). My mind was willing to accept that I could possibly be that much fortunate.

As a teenager, I very closely held the belief that I was not ‘a man’ but I was ‘the man’ …something unique, someone special.

I confirmed in my imagination that even if I had the ability to see larger distances, this conclusion would still hold true. I was awed. “Am I right !”
…… yes, with whatever instrument I would have seen. I would see a circular view of the world from that stone. The center of the ‘viewed world’ would be none other than me myself !
… but I failed to understand that it would be the same for everybody, at whichever place they are.

As I washed my physical understanding of the world with the holy water of science, I understood that, the place of the stone was not actually the center of the world as I thought.

Despite growing up into an adult, men still emotionally live with that belief. Every time when you say that, “yes, I know!, this is right” … when you are frustrated with “why the hell are you not able to see this simple point” …”wait, first try to understand what I am saying”. We keep shouting … not understanding why the other person is unable to see that the center of the world is where “I” stand.

We fail to realize that the other person, miserably, is also looking at a whole different world.
Even if ‘I’ were magnanimous enough to see a bigger & wider world; still, whatever ‘I’ see would have the center of the world on ‘me’ … isn’t that the limitation of the way our physical eye and emotional mind is ?

Only when we wash our emotional understanding of the world with the holy water of spirituality, do we understand that we are just another bubble of energy in this plethora of energy-dust and what ‘I’ think is not the perfect way… its just a way which might be true from the center of ‘my’ world and untrue from the center of ‘your’ world.

Way out ?
… Allow a little space for even those things/thoughts which you think are not the way it should be.