Who will Answer – Part 2

“… being able to build the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is Real Secularism” says Advani
“I will cut the hands of anybody who rises against Hindus” says Varun Gandhi, suddenly becoming a poster boy of his party.

Do they really represent India and its youth ?
Do they really represent the philosophical currency of Hinduism ?

I’m reminded of the fact that when Muslims first came to India (through Sea Route) in Kerela(long before the invasions from north), they were called by the word ‘Aliyan‘ which stands for son-in-law in the local language(Malayalam).

Anybody, who has ever walked on the road of a suburban town in India – – who has heard the bells in temple and the call of Namaz going at the same time – – who has witnessed the sale of Diwali and Id Gifts at the same shop – – who has ever thrown a colored water-balloon on a Muslim Uncle during the colorful realm of Holi
… will know, that this country has never lived in Insecurity.

Who will tell the leaders of the nation that we reject this brand of Religiosity, where people are being fed with Insecurity?

Do we know, that the scriptures written in the name of Allah or Ram both reiterates the insignificance of the latitude and longitude from where you send out prayers…  Constructing a ‘Grand Temple Building’ will only be a prize to those who believe that mistakes are corrected by mistakes …. Demolishing the few left-overs of the Babri-Masjid will only demolish the hope of a few that ‘its not just numbers that matter’

If Baabar broke a Temple to make a Mosque at one time, history deplored it.
What good shall be done if a Mosque is again broken to make a temple ?

Are we going to teach our children the values of Revenge and Retaliation ?

Something in me gets wet, unable to understand, WHY our Politicians are not talking of working on the problem of Population Outburst ?
Why our politicians are not talking of ways to increase public entrepreneurship ?

Who will answer……… !
You have been evading this question since last 62 years, passing the burden to newer generations.
Whether you vote with Insecurity of Religion, or with Greed of Reservation, or for the man of your caste;
Its only you who will answer it every morning while going to office, hardly standing in a crowded train, while waiving the wooden fan in summer, while looking at the school fee of your child, while hearing the disappointment of your son unable to get a job, while cleaning the bruises of your son & daughter when they come back home beaten up, because someone thought that they were enjoying Valentine’s day.
……….. Its ONLY you who has to answer, recursively.

…. until you realize that Evils in Society exist not because of the activity of the bad men, but because of the Inactivity of the good ones ?

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5 comments on “Who will Answer – Part 2

  1. Himani says:

    I appreciate your approach.
    Infact we are responsible for all of this. Politicians need votes and they will only talk in the favor of their vote bank, I think this is their business. Still the voters are those people who can not think like Population Outburst but only shri Ram and Allah. I hope you remember those Ramayana TV serial days when women used to do Arti in front of TV:) we are still…. 😦

    So, each and every politician know what is right and good for nation except if they are not corrupted but so many things are not in their hand and to win they use all possibilities.
    For example I don’t think that BJP want to put a label on herself of being a religious party but to be stand against congress she had to take Ram mandir in her agenda and first time she came in center only because of this Agenda as I think.
    The question is why not educated Janta attract politician’s attention. Why parties don’t feel fear of not getting vote of such thinkers. Because such people either are not many and rest don’t vote: ) `
    Solution is convincing people and spreading the right things which you are doing here.
    …. “until you realize that Evils in Society exist not because of the activity of the bad men, but because of the Inactivity of the good ones ?” :)… really true

    Wish you good luck.

  2. gopal says:

    The difficulty is that life is not written a binomial code of black and white. The good and the evil……

    The answer to your question is VOTE. The fact that Varun Gandhi does not represent the young generation will appear only when he is voted out.

  3. Varadaraj says:

    The major importance behind building ram temple is that
    justice which had been denied for so long. Why should any one have problem in building ram mandir, infact we should seek justice (economic, social, political, as well as historical) to be well developed and tolerant state.

  4. we, as a progressive society should ensure that, we have a self-checking mechanism to avoid such mistakes… but once it has happened, there’s no point punishing the next generation (breaking a mosque would be a severe emotional punishment) .

    the whole drive of ‘Hitler’ was to punish the Jews for they killed Christ and did not ever seek ‘forgiveness’, he was also doing justice in his own way by killing all Jews. I know this is not a good analogy; but yaar, we cannot keep carrying the anger and hatred faced by an older generation; we have to start afresh, with enthusiasm and love.

    All through his life Sri Ram only releived and freed the people who made mistakes in past lives, and punished those who are making mistake “now”.
    It was our weakness at a certain time in our civilization, that a foreign army comes and breaks our place of worship, and we(our fore-fathers) stayed silent, in the fear of getting killed. It would have been a fight for justice, if our fore-fathers would have collectively stood there, saying, come-what-may we won’t let you break our place of worship…
    but today, when the children of Babar and Akbar don’t carry the sword anymore and we actually are powerful … executing ‘that’ today, is like taking revenge.

  5. ” All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
    Edmund Burke

    I must correct one historic fact: The Jews did not kill Jesus – the Romans did. But regardless, your point is well-taken that mistakes do not correct mistakes or as is commonly said, two wrongs don’t make a right.

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