Who will answer !!

When we talk of strict action against terrorists, why did we keep the hanging of Afzal Guru under the carpet. It has been 5 damn years feeding him in Jail, with no reply from the Government ?

Why was Dr. Abdul Kalam unceremoniously shown the door choosing Dr. Pratibha Patil as the next president.

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru always opposed the concept of reservation as the primary means of growth of any backward community. (Ref: an extract from Newspaper). The next in that bloodline Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister when Mandal Commission submitted its reports, She never allowed its implementation seeing clearly that it would bring about caste based division in the society. When V.P.Singh gave a new lease to Mandal Commission report to save his falling government, the then leader of opposition and the next man in the Royal bloodline Rajiv Gandhi gave a 1.35 hr speech condemning it, as a completely “biased report taking only 802 villages in the whole country as the sample for all statistical results” derived in the report.  Somebody should answer me as to what has changed in India changing the opinion of 50 years and 3 generations !

Has India become more Backward, or the earlier generations of our Prime Ministers were not honest towards eradication of Backwardness ?  When shall we grow up from the Divide and Rule policy.

Why after once accepting the recommendations of the ‘Amarnath Shrine Board’ forwarded by the Governor, did we have to retract on that decision. Why did we have to stand with folded hands when separatists in Kashmir were burning Indian flags triggered by the Amarnath Issue.

Why has the top clergy of Congress started naming Rahul Gandhi as the yuvraj. Why does a party still ends up seeking votes by showing the photograph of Mahatma Gandhi after a virtual 50 years of one party-one family rule .

I beg your attention towards the explanations given by Ms. Sonia Gandhi on the following, Watch for the pattern!

Sikhs getting slaughered in thousands = “A MISTAKE”.
Hindus getting killed in Kashmir = “Political problem”.

Protestors getting shot in WB under Left Govt = “Misunderstanding”.
Kargil Attack = “Government failure”.

Chinese invasion in 1962 = “Unfortunate betrayal”.
Reservations in Education on caste lines = “Serious Effort” against “backwardness”.
Reservations in Minority institutions = “Communal”.
Fake encounters under BJP in Gujarat [Sohrabuddin] = “BJP brand of Communalism”.
Fake encounters under Cong-NCP in Maharashtra [Khwaja Younus] = “Police atrocity”.
BJP Govt. freeing 3 terrorists to save 174 Indian hostages = “Shameful”
Congress freeing 4 militants to save the daughter of the then Home minister in Kashmir [Rubina Sayed] = “Natural Political dilemma”.
Attack on Parliament = BJP ineptitude.
Not hanging Afzal Guru the mastermind despite Supreme Court orders = Humanity and Political dilemma.
Congress questioning Ram’s existence in the application filed to Supreme Court = “Clerical Error”..

Why are Indians such a tolerant species, who forget all of their mistakes when men in khaadi talk about prosperity and giving one more oppurtunity, pretending innocense


8 comments on “Who will answer !!

  1. Amit Ranjan says:

    Dats a bunch of vry significant issues bhai N personaly i agree 2 most of them…
    Its imposible 4 a sane brain 2 explain why pratibha patil was chosen as prez sidelining a person of stature like kalam sir …
    Other issues r equaly botherin…
    Bt i feel its not jst congres,d whole political clas need 2 b scrutinized..
    Both our major national parties r like A and B team…
    ‘Opportunitism’ guides them more than faith,nationality or vision…
    Jst Countin d numbr of ‘known’ criminals harvestd by both of them gives an insight to their intentions…
    Truely speakin,amrendra,i found ur article biased…
    Its not jst one individual or party who need 2 answr…

  2. AMRENDRA says:

    yes, I accept I’ve got biased against congress.

    As Pointed out by you, we definitely don’t have a clear choice of good/bad . we rather have to choose one, from all among dirty things.
    Having stated above fact, Isn’t it normal that Team A due to its deplorable performance should GO out first.
    Not because Team B, C etc are ready to bring a big change, but because if we (atleast) kick them out, we show that the people are NOT deaf anymore, we are pained, we are unhappy for the way things have been done.
    Re-electing them would only assert a grade of satisfaction, which they don’t deserve.
    This way, even if Team B comes to power tomorrow, they will be afraid of a public reaction.

  3. Amit Ranjan says:

    Well,u sound vry convincing…
    Agreed,such a party sud b n must b shown d door…
    N may b,it wub begin d era of a new political ideology…
    Bt is BJP d choice vich itself z a champion of divisive religion based politics…
    N also when its previous tenure at centre was marred wid incidents like gujarat riots,kargil invasion,ours ministers accompanyin terrirosts in kandhahar episode…(I gues Atalji focusd more on his patriotism flavourd poetry,nationalism nevr reflectd in his work,or may b he got too entangld in d intricacies of d system)…

    Bt at d same time,i feel whoevr wins,sud win wid a majority…
    N dis time,I wish BJP wins..
    So dat,in d next electn,people wil undrstn d futility of d present political ideology n work ACTIVELY 4 a inside out change..

  4. Amit Ranjan says:

    N my dear frnd,i gues instead of counting d fallacies of past v need 2 work 4 d future.
    N I nvr intended 2 b harsh/biased against BJP…Its jst dat i wantd 2 expose d futility of blame game measures..
    We need 2 work 4 permanent measures rather dan jst lukin out 4 alternate measures…
    Strengthen d hands dat work 4 d country N break who work against it..
    In d present scenario,i dnt think ny major party is worth strengthening..
    So,BREAK dem all…
    N work 4 a ideological change 4m within d society..

  5. gopal says:

    U want to do a “JP movement” again?? Bihar has yet not recovered form its after effects. India does not need a political revolution. If u become so obsessed by one issue (say pariwaarvaad) that it blinds you from everything else, I’ll call it an emotional take. In fact this is not unique to you. We are an emotional nation where decisions are taken not on hard facts and performance, but on sensitive issues.

    We have not matured as a democracy. We expect someone to devote his life for the service of people and want nothing in return. We do not recognize politics as a career. This is the reason of so much hypocrisy in Indian polity. The politicians are normal human beings like us. If the whole lot is rotten, who is to blame??

    For me the pothole on the road in front of my house is more important than ram mandir or pariwaarvaad. I think India needs a govt that stays,
    that can take decisions, and that is not shaken by a sulky bahanjee or lakeer ke faker LF.

  6. AMRENDRA says:

    How come you see, only ONE issue, Have I not mentioned a string of issues ?
    This is to invoke a sense of urgency in the political responsibility we share.
    If we start thinking of a change, only then will it come ! that change need not be in the party at center but can just be in the structure of the party at the center.
    think about it.

  7. Saurav says:

    Hari Om

    If I am right, most of your points relate to Terrorism and Communalism.

    1. Afzal Guru: Can just hanging him will lead to a fulltime settlement of terrorism?
    Don’t you think, terrorist won’t retaliate if he is hanged?
    But, for the crime he has done, he must be hanged up.
    There may be some reasons which the government can/may/must not speak out…

    2. If I remember History well, I think our Father of the Nation Gandhiji didn’t get any position in the government. This was mostly because of his simplicity.
    But, if Dr. Kalam was not given ceremonial farewell, it was wrong on government’s part. But we never know the reason whether Kalamji himself turned down to those or not…

    For the next comments, I shall say collectively:
    Ideas of people like yours are very necessary to make our democracy successful.
    Ours is perhaps the most diverse country, in language,culture, religion etc…
    Democracy often involves conflicts, and the government is to manage them efficiently.

    Your concern for the politics of the country is appreciable. This itself is a testimony of success of Indian Democracy that in a democracy, not very old, you could enlist the challenges. I mean to say, that they are so less that you could count them.

    For others contemporary democracy, see their report cards. They have either been taken back to autocracy or they are struggling to establish an ideal democracy.

    You cannot have a conflict free democracy where you are to accommodate such a huge diversity of population.

    Today, we our definition of Indians has changed, and will change.
    Take a 60 yrs back India and todays India.
    We find people are forgetting their caste and religion…Untouchability has virtually diminished.
    We never know what is the caste of a person sitting beside you in bus, train or restaurant. Occupational mobility has increased.
    Aren’t these an index to progress of India… a sustainable progress…
    For economic progress, everyone knows where India stands among top growing economies.

    Take a healthy person, does he not fall ill? But he can certainly make his falling ill chances low…but can never diminish it..
    So let it be with India..

    We need people like you to criticize the government so that Democracy runs well…

    Jai Hind.
    Jai Bharat…


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