Chinmaya Smiles Back

I had decided to start up an Alumni Association of my School, Chinmaya Vidyalaya.

According to the vote that it got in the chinmaya vidyalaya’s largest orkut community, it should be named as “Chinmaya Smiles Back” !!

I look at this as social entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship as I see is a skill of a different kind. One has to be passionate about it only then can you overcome the habit of postponing everything until it gets stretched to the limit of becomes urgent… .Because Entrepreneurship can never be urgent, it requires deep passion.

I notice in this endeavour that, the most important thing is that,

  1. You should be sure that you want to do it with an attitude  of ‘come what may’.
  2. You should have faith in your Idea/Product/Service that you want to introduce as an entrepreneur, because there are risks involved, and this is the 2nd most important thing because of which ” you decided to do it, while others didn’t “
  3. You have to be ready (and capable) to take responsibility of its failure.
  4. I recall Ashok Sir’s statement when in a value education class he said, “If you stop bothering for who gets the credit for a certain work, you will be able to get a lot of work done”.

I find myself lacking in the ability of coordinating nicely. At times, I overestimate myself, but to my rescue comes the nice advice of my friend ‘sushan’ , “Never Promise anything, when you are very happy or excited”. I have been following it very religiously for the last couple of days.

In this endeavour I made my first webpage as ; I wish to reach the aim of making it a self-sustaining website. I have also made a google group for now to keep people informed.

Google Groups
Chinmaya Smiles
Visit this group

2 comments on “Chinmaya Smiles Back

  1. Geetika says:

    Great effort!! 🙂
    very nice webpage.

  2. Hi Bhaiya,

    I just came across Chinmaya Smiles, and just love it. I would love to be able to help. Kindly add my gmail account would love to discuss more about this.

    Best Regards,

    Shirish Saurabh

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