The Attitude of Action

Do we have the attitude to act ?

We are taught to think before we act. But several times this thinking process which was supposed to be a prelude to the Action, ends up becoming a toy of our pretension that we are in the process of Action.

We present to ourselves reasons like

  1. “This is not the best way to do it …so there’s no point doing it”;
  2. “I am not in the correct mood right now”
  3. “This would hardly have an impact, so, there’s no point in doing it”
  4. “There are not enough people who are with me till now, so lets postpone”.
  5. “I always wanted to do it, but Now I don’t have enough time; I’ll consider doing it sometime later”

Bottom line…………. The work remains undone.

!! Is is reasonable to NOT do something just because there could be a better way !!