India and Intolerance

While reading some articles on the Internet, I noticed a few smoothly made conclusions about Intolerance as the order of the day in India.

I choose to differ, here are a few questions and facts we should consider.

  1. Is there a country in world, where, any brand of “M. F. Hussain” could breathe in open air and walk on his own limbs ? … somebody who can paint the very sacred ‘Bharat Mata’ in naked (Ref: Hussain’s official Website). I can recall the protests that got triggered worldwide, when a Danish Newspaper published a cartoon of a revered image in Islam. Can he even live in the US after painting the reverent of the majority in naked?
    … It happens only in India
  2. Islam first came in India through Kerela via sea route (India has her oldest mosque still in kerela). The word that was used for calling out the Muslims, who were ‘foreign’ to this land then, was ‘ALIYAN’ which in the local language (malayalam) means ‘son-in-law’, the son-in-law relation being one of the most valued in Indian families, and this word being used for the ‘incomers’ stands to say something.
  3. Arunachal pradesh had a 1% christian population before Independence, now that is 22%.
    (census 2001, is the latest officially available info). So is the case in many other states.

… lets not conclude anything from this, but it is indeed something worth a thought.

There is indeed a bigger part to the story.

These points cover only those that are needed to unmask the bias that was conspicuous on the internet.

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