the GOD

There was 1 Buddha, there are 32 sects of Buddhism today; each claiming to be the right form of Buddhism.

The ratio of deaths of Shia Muslims due to shuni/shia rivalry in Pakistan+Iraq is the same as the toll of Muslims who die due to Hindu/Muslim fights in India. (Ref: A leading Pakistani Daily; A popular Asian Site ; A leading Iranian Daily)

The clashes between Protestants/Catholics has been as fierce as that between people of two different religion in the countries which had a comparable population of each and had no other reason to fight!!

How many of us actually understand ourselves in completeness, if we don’t, what is the point in fighting over what/how/where our creator … THE GOD is! How does it matter weather ‘that’ GOD stands with a Cresent, a Trishul or a sword, as long you think that he is holding that to protect you against evil…. stay happy! why do we want others to believe that GOD actually is of “this” kind..! the kind “I” believe in. Still shamelessly calling ourselves secular.

By Heisenberg principle, the moment anything is measured, it does not remain anymore what it was(before measurement), saying it in the terms of expression of a thought, the moment you verbalize, or put anything in a book in the form of ‘How’ or ‘Why’ God is, you have already limited it!, to the audience who hear it, what has been presented is already a limited version of “what it was in its full glory” and hence there will always be a room left for interpretation (positive as well as negative). Then why to fight over those things, when we are all sure of how to live and be happy.

Religion is like our toothbrush, you use yours, let me use mine! Why should you try so aggressively to convince me that your toothbrush is the best. It was a tool of land-expansion used by kings in the past. The “Messengers” asked his men to spread the word of knowledge and love, not ‘the religion’… Particularly if it is causing so much harm to all sides !!

None of the Gods, would be happy (if there is any) to see people being killed. “Oh not in the name of religion please ! ” is how he must be reacting to all this, isn’t it ? In all this fight, the one who grabs the grapes are Either those, who always wanted more people to be of his kind in terms of belief, OR the one who wanted to fulfill his lust and manages to get to rape someone in the shadow of a public outrage.

Before the recent spurt of violent protests against ‘conversions’ in India, a Catholic (Indian) friend was telling me that “the Pentecostals {a very fast growing sect of Christianity} are really playing it bad, they lure people in all ways, and try to convert them from Catholic to Pentecostal ….. they should be banned”

I didn’t take it seriously enough, but I do carry this question now. What do you all say?


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