Irony of Marriage

Whatever may be the gender, it appears from the world around me that:

The more saintly you are, the happier you will be in marriage.

The more saintly you are, the lesser you will be inclined to marry.

Interestingly it is not a function of how “good” or “bad” your spouse is.


Circumstantial Happiness

Circumstances have never been in control of anyone. Be it Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Prophet or you. How you respond to your circumstances gets determined by who you are, and dictates the direction of who you become. The city you live in, the civility in the people around you, your spouse, seniors, boss, neighbour and how they present themselves to you, are all different faces of your circumstances.

When your energy inside is high, if you are vibrant from inside, you will still look at what can be done. Being optimistic may be a good trait, but here I am not even talking about being optimistic. I am asking the basic question, are you willing to do what needs to be done?

If I am woken up by sudden sounds only to notice that the house is on fire! I can wail and cry of how unfortunate I have been, I can complain and blame the person whose negligence must have caused the fire. I can rush for the exit; think about others whom I can wake up and help evacuate; can even pick precious belongings while running out, if time permits.

We all are burning in some fire, of varying intensities, whether or not we think we have caused it. How do we respond to this fire ! Your response depends on the Level of vibrancy achieved in your body mind complex. Doing Saadhana (meditation/ Yoga practices) helps in elevating your energy. How happy you are is a signature of this state of vibrancy.

Can you just be happy; not allowing circumstances to make a stone statue on your memory.

This is a photograph of a couple who have come to the BHU hospital with their daughter to fix her fractured leg. They are happy that they are able to get the necessary medical support to their daughter at the “practically” earliest possiblity. Happy people are a blessing to the people and surroundings wherever they go. They become epicenter of a ripple of positive attitude.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे संतु निरामयाः

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्ति मा कश्चित दुःख भाग भवेत

The thirst of love

Love is all one seeks.

The most pleasing of all things is to quench some one’s thirst of love.

If the above two lines are true then all we would want to transact is in the currency of Love. If all that everyone wants to give and take is Love, then why is there any conflict at all on this planet!

I think the source of conflict is “more” love. In establishing a dynasty, the person is seeking to belong to (“own”) more people. In stealing money, the person is seeking to become more worthy and relevant on this planet, so that eventually he is loved more.

You feel filled up with immense joy, just with the thought that you might possibly be able to “provide” for what is sought by another piece of life. Attention, praise, respect, compassion are all different flavors of this one thing. The way every electromagnetic interaction happens with the exchange of an energy packet named photon; all human interactions happen with the exchange of a packet of consciousness called Love. Ask yourself how many of these love packets do you have; you know it, you have an infinite reserve of this currency.

Start Loving (more)

Big people in small towns

Today at registry office I was waiting for my turn. I happened to get face to face with an old man who was holding his Grand daughter just as I was holding my son. The old man was traditionally dressed in dhoti kurta, he must be from a near by village. I was busy noticing the pleasant changes in Raaghav’s facial expression seeing another child when I heard the old man say “dono ki ek hi jaat Hai, Innocence”. It took me a moment to understand the magnanimity of the statement. I was awed; in a town where people complain that caste lines affect everything, there are people with such big heart. 

The same night, i had to travel to Bokaro to join the annual get together of Chinmaya Vidyalaya alumni. Due to lack of reserved ticket, I ended up having to travel in general bogie. Around 2am, while going to the rest room I found a young man cobled up in one corner without any winter wear. After about an hour, he walks over to another end of this bogie, his body shivering wildly, his eyes trying to spot a corner that was comparitively warm. Apparently this bare footed man concluded there was no better place as he sat down in the middle of the walk way and attempted to cover his ears with his shirt. My mind was echoing the several reasons given by well educated people traveling in train with general class ticket to use the sleeper/AC bogie simply because it is crowded, it is cold bla..bla.. ; here this man had all the reasons to walk into the AC bogie, the simplest reason being to save his life, but he chose to suffer in the general compartment. His innocent mind didn’t even imagine the possibility of going to the AC bogie. My mind bowed to the bigness of his innocence. I soon arrested my mind and have him something to cover himself. I noticed my small mind arguing ‘this is the last sweat shirt I’ve from my PhD days in USA, I shouldn’t give this’; ‘my bed sheet is so clean, it will get dirty if I give it to him’; ‘what if I start feeling cold myself as the night deepens’. Anyways, becoming aware of my thoughts was all that was needed to segregate the right from wrong. He is comparitively comfortable now, covered with whatever I had for cold that wasn’t already in use before that moment. Small towns also have big people. 


Somewhere, out in the day

the country girl rises and looks
out her window..
The sun shines and the butterflies dance,
a soft breeze moves the trees..
as she blinks the sleep from her eyes
and sits on her perch to observe the budding day.
From the moment she opens from her slumber,
like clockwork, he comes to her side and joins her-
nothing could keep them parted for long.
A nearly visible essence, of her very own cells,
He sits softly in silence as she smiles
that mirror smile..
which they both share for a good while.
And he touches her soft shoulders, with those
wisps of hands-
blessing her, to walk through this new day-
seemingly on her own, but never alone,
this is true loves’ way.
As the trees drop their leaves, and the sunlight
glistens over her patch of earth,
she closes her eyes for just
a moment more,
to slip through the ether,
and deliver the softest kiss,
to his awaiting forehead,
sunken deep in the dark of night-
where in his dreams-
he joins her
to reflect that mirror smile,
once again.
(a friend)

A letter to myself

Few months back, I was in an advanced meditation program. After being in silence for over 2 days, on being asked to write a letter to myself with 5 advises, the following attached letter is what I wrote. Reflecting back now, I see, how true it is.

Your opinion of which one of the following is most important for me.

Letter to myself after 2 days of silence

Letter to myself after 2 days of silence

Love, just a reflection

I woke up dreaming, of blessing an abandoned child..
And I heard your voice, coming through
from the other side.
Tears instantly, down my cheeks- just like that;
the sky opened up and began to cry with me-
For us, for loss, for abandon…
For healing, for growth..
For the moments I spent in sobs-
Begging God to help me let you go…
and not meaning a word-
knowing there is no separation..
there never was.
What I felt in your presence all along
was myself
What I feel in your absence is also myself-
and God.
All the Gods, and angels- holding my shoulders
as I sob..
as I cleanse myself- drop by drop-
of the memories that are
essentially me, reflected.
A smile I never want to stop seeing-
a tune in my heart that keeps it beating.
A formless form that has been birthed
between two souls-
how I feel- know,
we are the same-
connected at the core-
and more connected to humanity-
with the heavens above
churning the winds around our love-
against my cheek it whips and
gets sent off to brush your cheek
ever so softly as you sleep-
There is no difference between
you and me-
and no distance or time lost at all-
when you breathe in- my lungs fall and
catch that breath inside my being-
my heart bumping the same tune-
as I sit right in front of you,
the way I will forever see us in my minds eye-
a love like this could never die
Nor could I wish for it to be
anything other than simply
& me.
Author: A friend from across the oceans
Date: Christmas 2015